The Y.J.J.F. is founded with the aim of to share Yawara Ju-Jutsu, a martial art which is based on pure self-defense. Practitioners like to integrate the realistic Yawara Ju-Jutsu self-defense techniques in their own defense system.

Where can I practice Yawara Ju-Jutsu?

During Yawara Ju-Jutsu seminars

The Y.J.J.F. organizes at least 4 seminars a year on various locations in the Netherlands. This provides budoka’s with the opportunity to learn Yawara Ju-Jutsu techniques. All martial art practitioners are welcome to participate in these seminars, despite of federation, style or graduation. The seminars are relaxed and informative gatherings. The lessons will be adapted to the group. Everyone gets attention and will have fun during these seminars and find techniques or information which they can integrate in their own style. The teachers are open and very approachable; they have as a goal to share knowledge with you. If you are interested in a seminar in your school, please contact us.

At Yawara Ju-Jutsu schools

In the Nederlands you will find Yawara Ju-Jutsu schoóls. The teachers in the schools on this map provide Yawara Ju-Jutsu training according to the Y.J.J.F. system.

At the Yawara Ju-Jutsu teacher courses

In future we hope to be able to roll-out Yawara Ju-Jutsu schools throughout the Netherlands. That’s why 2 teacher courses have been developed:

  • Yawara Ju-Jutsu teacher course A: this course will provide:
    • a training plan from 5th Kyu up to 1st Kyu.
    • You will learn the whole basic program, with: the Yawara stances, movements, reflexes, kata’s (empty hand and with weapons).
    • You will be acquainted with pressure points, weapon training, take-downs (no Judo throws), locks, etc.
    • The course ends with an exam and you will receive a diploma. The teacher becomes 1st Dan Yawara Ju-Jutsu (Jiu-Jitsu Dan’s from other empire recognized organizations will be taken over)

The tempo of the lessons is high, therefore there are admissions:

  • Only recognized teachers or teachers with a record will be admitted.
  • The budoka must at least be 1st Dan of a recognized organization.

Next Yawara Ju-Jutsu A course: With enough participants, we start a new course end januari 2018: You can sign up via this registration form.

Yawara Ju-Jutsu B leraren 2017 (zonder Reinald Roos)

What if you have succesfully finished the course?

After graduation, you are free to start your own classes. The organization will support you in various ways:

  • By providing teacher training and private lessons (both free of charge).
  • Teachers and schools are connected to the Y.J.J.F. free of charge
  • Your school will be promoted without any further cost.
  • Teachers will receive extra training material that they long for
  • We provide extra information via private website pages

Yawara Ju-Jutsu teacher course B: this course will provide you with a training plan for 1st Dan dan and higher. We will go a lot deeper into the techniques. Only Yawara Ju-Jutsu A teachers have access to the B course.

Business training

We do have a lot of experience in providing lessons to security staff, government employees and business outings. The entertaining, challenging and instructive program will certainly appeal to you and your colleagues. Via the contact form you can ask for more information.

Private lessons

It is also possible to follow private lessons. You can do this just to train for fun or to become a teacher. If you are interested, fill out the contact form.